About Us

Sree Matha Charitable Society is a Registered Charitable Society, under Charitable Societies Act 1955, since 2000. Which has an objective of social work like cultural development, woman empowerment, Yoga and Ayurveda Awarness, Cancer Care Camp Projects like Early Detection of Cancer etc., under the leadership of Mrs. Ambika R. Nair, Chairperson.

SMC popularly known as sree matha charitable society a charitable organization which focus on social welfare through its service activities since 2000and is incorporated  at the capital city . Ambika nair, who  is well known for her contributions to social ,cultural and service sector is the key person and driving force behind the smooth functioning of society . SMC aims at the development and welfare of society in various dimensions through its service .

                                              The chief patrons of the society includes, K. Muraleedharan MLA, Swamy Gururetnam Njana Thapaswi , HG Kuriakose  mar clemis , BS Balachandran , ms Faizalkhan ,. Padmaja  Radhakrishnan, Smt. Ambika Devi is the chair person of the society and  Dr. Jayalal Damodharan is the General Secretary.  


 Food donation programme

This is an iniative by smc to provide food for patients in govt .hospitals ,by standers and for needy people.  this programme is still successfully conducting at various public premises and orphanages. This is a great hand of help for patients and by standers in govt hospitals. The vegetables used to prepare food is grown by the members of the society themselves and thus smc ensures the food is 100% free from pesticides  and chemical fertilizers. By this programme smc dreams a hunger free society by its sincere activities .

Volunteers ofsmc is always ready to provide free treatment facilities for poor,and financially downtrodden society .smc conducts medical camps weekly and provide medicines for treatement at free of cost, society members collect money from the locality and sum of money is contributed to cancer patients.

Councelling centres

The number of divorce and criminal in family court increases day by day , right councelling at right time can bring out change in attitudes ofpeoples and there by can solve the family problems .smc conducts pre marriage , and post marriage councelling classes and so many families are leading a peaceful family life through this effort of society .

Drug abuse prevention programmes

Smc organized  special squads who are responsible to prevent the drug abuse near school and college localities in association with police committee, andpublic  awareness for parents as well as children are provided under the guidance of society .

         Other activities of society includes financial help for marriages of poor girls, help for students, help for blinds, and women empowerment programmes which focus on developing enterprenueral skills of womens to make them self sufficient

Cancer care and palliative

Sree matha charitable society focuses on cancer care through conducting cancer detection camps through out the district and by providing help for treatments for poor people. It spreads out a message that cancer is not an incurable disease. . cancer is compleately  curable through   easy detection and by proper treatment. Sree matha charitable society provides the needy patients an opportunity to diagnose the disease and to have treatements on time through conducting cancer camps.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide apreferencial option for the poor and needy in the health care education and their basic needs. Smc creates find and supports programmes that directly improve the health education and welfare of the society .

Our vision

  • Guiding us in our mission involves our core values
  • Focus on women empowerment
  • Iniatiatives to make the society hunger free
  • Programmes for social welfare and wellness
  • Operations with transparency and accountability

What is new

Smc”s latest project is ‘’my health ‘’ . this programme intents to detect cancer among the peoplethrough free medical camps. Cancer detection campsare planning to conductthrough out in association with reputed  hospitals such as RCC , KIMS , NIMS , . society provides treatement support for the decease recognized patients